What Do You Think It Costs to Keep a Truck On The Road?


red semi truck
What do you think it costs to keep a truck On the Road?

Everyone expects trucks to run on promises and corn syrup. It’s crazy!! There is no other name for it. How can you pay $2.50 per gallon for fuel. You can’t. It’s that simple. Here’s a little fuel 101. Diesel is a BY PRODUCT of gas. It’s the garbage that won’t run a car. It’s always been cheaper for that reason. But since diesel pickups are getting popular the price goes up. It’s still a waste product. All the big trucks and the families, who run them, are fighting to stay afloat. Trucks are the workhorses for this country. But we are getting gouged even more than the rest of the driving public. It costs $70 to fill up my pick up (by the way yes, I do NEED a pickup!) This has cut our grocery budget in half this year. It costs OVER $900. to fill up a big truck, PER DAY on the road. We have to fork all that $$$$ to move down the road, then we have to wait 3 weeks to get paid. Meanwhile I have to fuel up every day that I run. Do the math on that. People in the general public need to understand this is not a little problem. This is NOT about whether we have the gas for a road trip this summer. Truckers are an independent hard working group of folks who will drop every dime they have to keep their truck going. But we can’t go on like this. If someone doesn’t figure this out, people will be parking trucks because they can’t squeeze one more dime from anywhere to run even one more mile. Keep that in mind when UPS doesn’t have overnight because they can’t run trucks. When you can’t get veggies because the load doesn’t cover the fuel bill. When you can’t get gas in your car because the tanker can’t afford to fuel up his rig. REMEMBER THAT SOMEONE TOLD YOU!!

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