This page is where I shop for the tools I want and need.  It seems like you just can’t have enough tools!  Here are my go to’s.

Harbor Freight Tools

This place has a little of everything…at very reasonable prices.  We have bought winches, welding carts, tools, and much more.  We have been satisfied with just about everything.

They have a line of tools called Pittsburgh that are amazing.  We have bought several of the impact sets over the last few years, and we have not broken one yet.  We use our impact stuff hard…changing tires repairing, rusted out undercarriage stuff.  We have been impressed with the quality of tools for the price.

The only thing that we bought that absolutely sucked was their hose clamps and their zip ties.  Those didn’t work long enough to say you got them.  Everything else very good!


Northern Tool

These guys have tools from here to forever.  They aren’t always the cheapest, but they carry reliable brands and often carry stuff that you can’t run down to the parts store and grab.  It is a huge site, with tools for every project, not just trucking.  If you need a tool…they probably have it.  It is like most websites, you gotta do a little digging to find what you want…but they probably have it somewhere.

Follow this link to Northern Tools ‘Deals’ page… Save 20% or MORE on Reduced Tools + Equipment

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