Tire Wear Causes

Do you know the most common tire wear causes?

tire-maintainenceThe most common causes for tire wear are the same in small cars and big trucks.  But the bigger the vehicle the more drastic the situation can become.  Road hazards are everywhere, but there are things you can do to minimize the effects on your rig.  Most of these tips take little time and no money… but they can save you many dollars and big headaches.  Make these habits part of your routine…

  • Kick your tires.  Some people kick them or thump them with a small bat.  The thought is the same.  You thump each tire in about the same spot and listen to each.  They should sound about the same.  If you have one that sounds odd, grab a gauge and check it.
  • Inspect tires visually. Get in the habit of looking at your tires as you walk up to your ride or are standing by it talking.  Look for rocks stuck in the tread. I carry a screwdriver in my pocket and pop rocks out of the tread regularly. Look for gouges or cuts.  Look for bulges.  These can indicate a serious problem get them -serviced immediately.  Look for wear patterns.  Wear patterns can tell you about your truck.  They can tell you that your alignment is wrong or the bushings in your front end is wearing out.  These are important things to watch.
  • Listen to your truck.  Park somewhere quiet turn off your truck and music and listen.  There are many times that I have found a tire leaking by the sound.  This allows you to get it patched before it can cause damage.
  • Check your tread depth.  A depth gauge is inexpensive and worth it’s weight in gold.  Knowing how fast your rubber is going away allows you to plan for replacements.  Surprises are bad with tires.
  • oops-tireStay away from curbs!  Hitting curbs can be the death of tires and wheels.  Get in the habit of not bumping or dragging over curbing.  One bad hit can ruin a wheel or a tire in an instant.


Tires are an often neglected part of a truck.  As long as they do there job, we let them.  And we curse when they fail.  These little maintenance tips have almost eliminated blowouts in our trucks and helped us find issues before they become disasters.  No one wants to spend money on maintenance but it costs so much less to fix little things than to fix all the damage caused by a tire blowing out and tearing up fenders and wiring.

Preventing tire wear is simple and easy, but ignoring it can be very expensive…BEWARE!!


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  1. I have never seen a big tire blow out but I can only imagine the havok it would reek on everyone, driver and surrounding vehicles. I would guess that we all need a reminder to be more responsible with vehicle care. It’s nice to know you take this seriously!

    • It is true that the bigger the tire the bigger the problem, but vehicle maintenance is so important to the driving public. Anything that goes barreling down the road at 70 mph needs to be well maintained and driven by someone who is alert and focused on the task at hand. Over 90% of wrecks that involve a semi truck are caused by an automobile driver. It is important for people who drive to be aware of their own rig and everyone else on the road.

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