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old mack dumptruck


Semi trucks have always been part of my life.  My dad was a construction worker who drove trucks and built roads.  My husband was a trucker when we were married.  The first five years of our marriage we covered the lower 48, logging thousands of miles.  For a girl who barely left Montana, it was a huge learning experience.


I loved seeing all the different places and meeting tons of different people.  I developed a strange vernacular.  I picked up words from every part of the country.  I have every odd accent rolled into one.  I still do.  Trucking is not just a job, it is a lifestyle.  When our kids were born, I stayed home and he trucked solo.  It can be a lonely life for trucker and wife.  He was on a fairly regular schedule, gone 5-7 days then home for 2.  I was raising two toddlers and holding down the fort while he was gone, winning bread.  He missed a lot of little moments providing for his family, most dads do.  He started doing construction trucking, so he could be closer to home, and get to enjoy more of those everyday bits that are so important with kids.

old 7 our truck

Ole #7 Our Flagship

We have two trucks  and a bunch of trailers now.  We are very flexible in what we can haul.  We do our  own maintenance and books, which means wearing many hats.   I have had to find outlets for various parts, because our town doesn’t have much for truck parts and services.  I have  had to locate information pertaining to compliance issues with DOT and all the other alphabet agencies (IRS,FMCSA, etc).

I started this site as a hub to keep track of all the information that I have gathered.  A rolodex of truck info.  Then I started to add information for non-trucking friends who wanted to learn more about trucks.  I hope that my articles will help truckers, families and the public appreciate the joys and trials of trucking life.  I also hope that my links will bring information and parts into a central location, so you can spend more time with your family and less time trolling the interwebs for parts.  I hope you find great value here.  I am always looking for topics, so if you have ideas feel free to leave them in a comments box. Have a great day!


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  1. This is a great post. It certainly looks as if you are extremely busy in your business and by the tone of your writing it feels as if you really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing

    • Yeah…I love trucks and truckers. It is a fun group to be a part of. Politics and squabbles aside. It’s like any business, ups and downs, but you gotta love what ya do right?

  2. My father has been a Owner-Operator for nearly 20 years now and a company driver for some time before that and he’s made the whole thing a great experience and its nice to know there are others out there enjoying the life style!

    That being said he has had trouble in the past with finding a truckers fridge and GPS for truckers.

    • Always good to meet trucker kids. Thanks for the heads up on stuff. I will add those to my research list. Make sure you add me to you friend list so you get the updates!

  3. Hello I’m Alan. Your site is like mine. Educating the public. My Dad went into trucking after WW2 and drove for 50 years. He mostly hauled oilfield drilling fluids. I just about grew up in a truck.Thanks for the comment, Alan.

    • Being around big machines sure has a big impact on little people. I know I loved being around the dumptrucks and loaders when I was a kid. I hope I can help educate and bring some laughter at the same time.

    • Thanks! The internet sure makes the world a small place. It is fun to see how different people are…and how much the same. I see by handle you are a coffee enthusiast. There is nothing better than a clear sunrise coming over the hood and a good cup of coffee!

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