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forest fires ru readyI am an adamant voice for prepping.


I am aware that we live in a fickle world.  No one is safe from anything at any time. We are responsible for our families.  We need to know how to keep our own safe and healthy.  It is not for the school or the church or the government…it is for me to do.  I need to know how to be prepared for blizzards, and wildfires and floods.  I need to understand how to be OK if the power goes out for a few days.  I need to keep my kids safe if dad is out of town.  I was raised to be self reliant…and I am teaching my kids.


But along the way , I am finding some amazing videos and products that can help me.  I want to share that with my friends.  I want each of you to be OK in your world, if there is a disaster in your area.  I can’t provide food and supplies for each of you…but I can teach you what I am learning.  That way we are all more prepared…for whatever life throws at us.

I started a separate blog for all things prepper.  It is a growing endeavor but I am working to fill it with knowledge and tools that will benefit you and yours.  Join me at to “Be Prepared”

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  1. Thanks to everyone who is checking this site out!! In these crazy times it is important to ‘Be Prepared for anything. These are simple things you can do to keep your family OK if disaster strikes. See you over there!

  2. Prepping is a great thing. A lot of people associate prepping with being paranoid, but like you said something as simple as the power going out for a few days can easily happen. What do you do then? Most people wouldn’t know what to do. I was talking to a lady the other day whose house went THREE WEEKS without power. It’s great to know you can deal with situations which the average person cannot.

    • It is so true…even a little prepping goes a long way toward being safe and as comfortable as can be. Look at this Hurricane Matthew. Being able to get what you need and get out in a timely manner and have a safe location and routes preplanned is HUGE!!!

  3. Anyone who was a Boy Scout will know their motto: Be Prepared. A good life lesson. We can’t always foresee what coming down the tracks but we can read the signs and get an idea of some possible outcomes that we can prep for. I have friends who think that the anarchy depicted in post-apocalyptic style movies and TV series is completely over the top and people will naturally band together and co-operate to survive in some fairy-tale view of how people will act should law and order break down. Me? I’m with you guys.

    • I believe there are many good people all over, but I don’t believe there will always be one close when I am in need. I love a good apocalypse movie as much as anyone, but I think if SHTF occurs, there will be a lot of unnecessary misery and loss, because people invest time and money in lattes and downloads instead of extra food and sturdy shoes.

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