If I Had Money…

piles of moneyHave I told you guys about this?

My friends and I were talking about what we’d do if we came into serious money.  Now I know you would pay off your bills and buy a new car…but what else?

I started a fan page to put some of our ideas down.  I would love for you guys to give me your ideas.  Who knows, maybe Taylor Swift will be cruising along and get new ideas on how to spend her cash.  Maybe a pro football player is looking for a way to give back…and likes your idea.

It’s kinda silly, but it’s fun and it gets you looking for ways to share and give to others.  That is a nice place to be after all the backbiting and meanness that is floating around.

Here’s the link!   https://www.facebook.com/ifIhadextramoney/


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  1. If I came into a large cash flow, I would use that money to grow my money. I would begin investing into more stocks. I would most likely open a Roth IRA. Something to set myself up for retirement. Then, I would always start investing into different equities. Mutual funds and blue chip stocks. Possibly invest into IPO’s, maybe even Snapchats IPO.

    • These are all excellent ideas. It is very wise to get out of debt and invest to grow your wealth, but what would you do if you got crazy money? Like if you won that $425 million dollars. Would you build orphanages, or buy computers for rural schools. What charities would you support? This fanpage is a place to give a shout out to your favorite charities and to extend your vision…DREAM BIG!

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