How Do You Make Money With Blogging?

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  • How does anyone make money with a blog?
  • Are you blogging just to sell stuff?
  • Do you really make money blogging?

I will try to answer these questions for you.  I write a blog because I love to talk.  I share info that I think people need in their lives.  I am passionate about being a genuine healthy person.  I also want to use my blog to make money.  The trucking business is seasonal and sporadic.  I am hoping to add some coins to the coffers, and do something I love.  Websites cost money, and writing articles takes time that I could be using at a j-o-b, but this is my passion so I am trying to make it my job.

On this blog, when you see an ad on the side or below an article, and when you hover over the top right there’s an arrowhead and an X, that is an Adsense ad.  If you click on that link, and stay on that page for like 30 seconds,Google will give me between $ .07 and $ .15 for giving that ad a referral.  They choose ads they think are a good fit to my article, from their pool of advertisers.  It doesn’t buy a yacht, but if everyone who came to my site read an article, then clicked on a link as they were leaving, I would make $10.50 per day.  That’s $315. a month extra.   That would make a difference in my monthly budget.  Of course everyone doesn’t do that yet, but that is my goal.

You will also see ads for Amazon and other sites or products, that don’t have the AdChoice symbols.  These are direct links.  I chose these links so you could get to a specific product or site that I loove.  These sites pay me a commission for sending customers to them.  I get nothing if you go in and browse, but if you buy something as a result of following my link, I get a small % of the purchase price.  Let’s say you want to go buy a coat on Amazon.  If you type in Amazon. com and buy your coat, they keep all the money and are very happy.  If you go to my site, and click an Amazon ad (even if it’s for light bulbs) and get to through my site, I will get a small finder’s fee for sending them the business. I get a percentage of the total purchase, just for sending them the customer.  It doesn’t matter if you buy the product in my ad, just that my site was the gateway to theirs.    Your coat costs the same, but I may get $3.50 for sending you there to buy your coat.  Now if all the people who read my articles would shop on Amazon through my site, I could make a living off the bits. Amazon does this because they know that most people won’t take the time to go through the extra step, so they won’t have to pay that often.

The third way, is direct sales.  I have something.  I put it on, it’s mine and I sell it to you and keep all the profits.  I am working on a book, and it will be this type of sale.  But I have run into some snags there.  I had my harddrive fry last month and eat half a manuscript, so I get to start over…So until I finish that, the other methods are my source of income, on the computer.

amazon link picIn the spirit of honesty, I wanted everyone to understand that I do make a little money off the site.  I would like to make more, but I won’t promote ads or products that I don’t like or don’t approve of.  Sometimes, a stray ad gets through on the AdChoice box, but I have filters that are suppose to block gambling drugs, sex and get rich quick ads.

I would love for everyone to use my links to shop through, and surf around on.  This is a great way to support any website that you like.  It works the same on all blogs, so you can “donate” to a site you like just by giving them the finders fees that the companies offer, while shopping on the web.  It is a great way to help out, even if you can’t send a donation.  I hope this helps everyone out there understand how this blogging thing is suppose to make money… and how to use it to support sites you like….and not support ads that are offensive.



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    • What they pay depends on age of site , number of visitors etc. But I believe the amount goes up as the amount of traffic you move goes up. I am not sure what the tiers are or exact amounts. I was making an example to explain it the way it was explained to me. I hope it helps.

  1. Great post. You’ve educate people about how really is websites or blogs can make money through advertising program. it’s also open my mind relating the way to help each other not only by giving donation, but just by giving other a web visit.
    thank you

    • I believe that it is against adsense policy to just click for cash, but I am always on the hunt for fun interesting ads…and I only click on ads on sites I like. If I don’t like a site, I won’t click on an ad, even if I might be interested in the ad. That’s just how I do it. If I like a site, I can always find some ad that interests me.

  2. It has to be hard to be a truckers wife, they are gone and on the road, a lot, so you play the main roll head of the house.
    You have many things listed on your site, even people that have trailers etc can purchase from your truck store. love this and saving for future use.

    • I am glad that you found some links that you like. I have a bunch more to add…so keep checking back. I want this site to be a one stop shop for all things trucks… I ‘ve got a ways to go but it will get there!!

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