Calculating the Cost of Owning a Semi Truck

Calculating the cost of owning a truck is a source of confusion. Many people hear stories about how much money truckers make and decide to get into that.
While it’s true that there can be a lot of money coming in, more often than not ALOT of money goes out too.  I have made a small form  to give you an idea of the expenses involved in trucking.  I put this together for informational purposes. Recruiters and salesmen will only tell you what you want to hear.  This is “the rest of the story”…
Truck Payment   $2000./mo for used   _____________
Trailer Payment $500./mo for used      _____________
License                   $150./mo                     _____________
Insurance             $1800./                          _____________
Fuel                         50% of income           _____________
Repairs                   15% of income            _____________
Living Expenses $30./day on road        _____________
Taxes and Fees $150./mo                        _____________
As you can see, the big money you make with a truck can go away pretty fast.  I am not telling you not to get involved in trucking. I am only saying you should go into it with your eyes open, so you don’t end up broke and disgusted.  Trucking can be fun and exciting, but there is a tremendous amount of risk involved with every aspect of trucking.  Trucking is not for everyone.
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  1. Hi, Enid

    ! Interesting post! I never knew that the costs could get so high. I was planning that later in life to build a business and to hire drivers. However, after reading your post, I kinda have second doubts. Perhaps I should consider something else. What type of business would you build today if you had the possibility to choose? How about in the future?

    • Trucking is a vital industry, and trucks move the world’s products. I love trucks! It can be lucrative or very costly. The key to trucking is to do your homework and understand what you need. You need to be realistic in your expectations. Most people think that trucks are an atm machine…they just spit out money. That simply isn’t the case. You can make money, but it is a big investment of time and money. If you have a business that requires trucks , by all means use them. Just find a truck that is the right type for the job you have.

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