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My given name is Enid.  But since a lot of people stumble over that, Some call me Sis.  I ‘ve been married to a truck driver for over 20 years.  We have a couple of great kids and a screwball dog.  There are many triumphs and tragedy that make up a full life, and I share mine here.

I have had several websites over the years.  ‘Housemouse’ was kinda my handle when I started going with my husband.  My first website was a housemouse site (my Youtube and Twitter accounts were setup under that).  That site was mostly about relationships and family.   Then I had a Big Semi Trucks, but some shmuck hijacked it and filled it with junk.  I hate spammers.  I had to shut it down.  I have written all over the internet.  Life as a Truckers Wife is a collection of all my articles.  It is a hodge podge of subjects that interest me.  Site builders say that a site should be laser focused on one subject.  I am not very good at laser focused.  So I write my way, and hope that you guys will appreciate my writing…and share it …even if Google won’t.

I have been writing for years.  I love to share my thoughts and the funny things I find, but being in a truck is not conducive to much sharing.  I started writing everything down. And found that when I did get a chance to share people enjoyed my writing style…kinda like having a good cup of coffee with a friend (the one that has no filter).

So , welcome…and I hope we find lots to talk about.

My husband gave me a piece of advice years ago.  If I write an article and someone sees themselves….maybe it will help them change.  And if they can’t see themselves, they aren’t ready to change yet anyway.  So I throw out the bits of wisdom I have gained, and hope you find something that helps you today. If you’d like to see more of my rants, tips, and rambling …come on in.  If you’ve been to my other sites, you may recognize some of the articles, but I am  updating them as I move them over.  Thanks for your patience.  I sure appreciate you checking out my stuff…and sharing it!


BeginPreppingNow.com is another site of mine.

I am also an adamant voice for prepping.

I am aware that we live in a fickle world.  No one is safe from anything at any time. We are responsible for our families.  We need to know how to keep our own safe and healthy.  It is not for the school or the church or the government…it is for me to do.  I need to know how to be prepared for blizzards, and wildfires and floods.  I need to understand how to be OK if the power goes out for a few days.  I need to keep my kids safe if dad is out of town.  I was raised to be self reliant…and I am teaching my kids.


But along the way , I am finding some amazing videos and products that can help me.  I want to share that with my friends.  I want each of you to be OK in your world, if there is a disaster in your area.  I can’t provide food and supplies for each of you…but I can teach you what I am learning.  That way we are all more prepared…for whatever life throws at us.

I started a separate blog for all things prepper.  It is a growing endeavor but I am working to fill it with knowledge and tools that will benefit you and yours.  Join me at BeginPreppingNow.com to “Be Prepared”

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  1. Hi Sis!

    Interesting website-Good ideas to set up a forum to discuss life issues, especially for any one who is married to a trucker who can relate to the same issues.

    Good luck with this site.


    • Thanks for the idea. I will have to check into how to get that set up. I appreciate the comment

  2. Great site! I have known a few truckers’ wives in my lifetime and it is an awesome feat to stay married to one for so long. Congratulations on that. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself here. I know many will enjoy interacting here. Looking forward to seeing more content as you put it up.

    • Thanks so much. I enjoy sharing the ups and downs of life…it’s so much more interesting to travel with friends. I have had some great older ladies to help me navigate through married life. I am hoping to share their wisdom with the next batch of wives. We gotta share what we’ve learned. Tis better to share wisdom than ignorance. Have a blessed day.

  3. interesting. do you get flack for writing over so many topics?

    Your writing is good and has alot of content which is good. its an interesting site no doubt. you say that you are more interested in chatting with people than getting indexed into google. if thats your intent then this site is awesome. its your site and it looks good

    • Thanks for all the insight. I do have a wide variety of topics. I am working on focusing more on the truck stuff, but I get distracted when people ask questions on different subjects. Hopefully , I can flesh out my truck stuff and still provide good insights too. Have a great day!

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